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Given that its architecture was inspired by the Palace of Versailles, it is sometimes nicknamed the Versailles of the North.

The tsar decided to build this palace in 1720, following a trip to France.

The principal, Mikhailovsky Palace, offers a collection of fascinating works, icons of the Middle Ages to the masterpieces of the avant-garde of the twentieth century.

The Marble Palace, for its part, is home to a wing of the Ludwig Museum while the Stroganov Palace stands out for its interiors, the most spectacular of the city.

Russian Museum The Hermitage is undoubtedly the most impressive museum in St. However, this should not discourage you from visiting the Russian Museum.

Lesser known, it occupies four magnificent palaces of the city center.

Shows are very popular, so you should book your tickets online before you leave.

Even if you do not relish the dance, the historic building is worth a look, as is the new Mariinsky Theatre nearby, the first ballet room to have emerged in Russia since the Revolution.

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And even if you come in May or July, you will be impressed by the length of days.With its resolutely modern urbanism and aesthetics of foreign origin, the new city was to allow Russia to "open a window to Europe" and contribute, as requested by the tsar, to the elevation of Russia to the rank of a major European power.The center, built on the directives of Russian rulers, features a unique architecture that blends architectural styles (Baroque, Neoclassical) acclimated in an original way by architects often of Italian origin. With elegant canals and imposing Neva River, the bridges are raised at night to let boats pass, the city has naturally attracted comparisons with Venice (the city’s beauty combined with its channel system have earned it the nickname "Venice of the North"). Petersburg holds invaluable artistic and cultural treasures.Peter and Paul Fortress It was the first building of St. Petersburg appears in all its glory when one crosses the canals.

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Petersburg, built on the small island Zayatchy in 1703, when Peter the Great laid the foundations of the city. 122 m high (a feat in the eighteenth century), it is visible throughout the center. You can see the tombs of the Romanovs, visit an excellent historical museum and relax on a beach enjoying the magnificent view of the Hermitage! Boats never became the main means of transport of the "Venice of the North", despite the efforts of Peter the the second largest city in Russia by population after the capital Moscow.