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09-Jul-2017 01:10

The Tootoo brothers will always be held closely to my heart and every success that I have, I give credit to my brother Terence.Growing up in the North, I think the biggest thing is the community aspect of everyone being close to each other and helping each other out.I love my family to pieces and I'll go to war for any of them.He was always a guy who praised me and his last line was "you are the man".My brother Terence took his own life and through all the trials and tribulations throughout my career, that day changed me forever.I was drinking a lot, doing a lot of things that weren't right for my body and for me personally.

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I think this is something that our youth, our adolescents, need to understand.

I could remember as far as I was five years old, being out on the land and experiencing cultural and traditional things though my father. When we're out there it's about living in the moment and enjoying each other's company.